CSP-130 Plate Stacker

CSP-130 Plate Stacker

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Being the former OEM manufacturer for Kodak CTP plate processor and Plate Stacker, Huqiu Imaging is the leading player in this field.

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We are devoted to provide our clients with the top quality plate processors at an affordable price. The CSP Series Plate Stackers are a part of CTP plate processing systems. They are highly automated machines with wide tolerance of processing control adjustment and wide application range. They come in 2 models and both are compatible with the PT-Series Plate Processor. With years of experience manufacturing for Kodak, our plate stackers have been market-tested and have received recognition from our clients for their reliability, high performance and durability. 

Product Features

The plate stacker transfers the plates from the plate processor to the cart, this automated process allows user to load the plates without interruption. It can be combined with any CTP-system to create a fully automatic and economic plate processing line, giving you an efficient and cost-saving plate production by eliminating manual handling. Human error occurred during the handling and sorting of plates are avoided, and scratches of plate become a thing of the past.
The cart stores up to 80 plates (0.2mm) and can be detached from the plate stacker. The use of soft conveyor belt completely eliminates scratches from rigid conveyance. Entrance height can be customized according to clients’ requirement. CSP series plate stacker comes with a reflective sensor to ensure higher performance. Status of the rack transmitted to plate processor has a serial port to enable remote control.


Max plate width 1250mm or 2x630mm
Min plate width 200mm
Max plate length 1450mm
Min plate length 310mm
Max capacity 80 plates (0.3mm) 
Entrance height 860-940mm
Speed At 220V, 2.6 meters/min
Weight(uncrated) 105kg
Power supply 200V-240V, 1A, 50/60Hz

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