Huqiu Imaging at Medica 2019

Another year at the bustling Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany! This year, we had our booth set up in Hall 9, the main hall for medical imaging products. At our booth you would find our 430DY and 460DY model printers with a completely new outlook, sleeker and more modern, simple yet sophisticated. They have of course received nothing but positive feedbacks from both old and new clients.

Medica 2019-1
Medica 2019-2
Medica 2019-3

It is hard not to notice a little change in our booth design, that you might question what Elincloud is, and its relationship with Huqiu Imaging. We are proud to introduce Elincloud as our new sub-brand for printers, with goals to offer clients with new business solutions in regional distribution. Printers under this brand name come in a blue and white exterior, instead of our signature orange and white, while the design remains the same. We received high remarks on this business strategy and many clients are eager to start working with this new brand name. 

Participating in Medical Düsseldorf has always been a fascinating experience for us. In the medical and scientific professions, few things are more important than staying ahead of the game. Healthcare and medical professionals are constantly learning and implementing the newest research, techniques, and technologies. Being the world’s most influential annual medical event, visitors are able to find business opportunities from all over the world and stay connected with new suppliers, business partners and customers looking to do business. We took this opportunity to strengthen our relationships with clients, and gain strategies to expand in existing and establish our presence in new markets across the globe. We have also benefited immensely from immersing ourselves in the latest healthcare innovations, and improving our knowledge and skills from this experience.

Four days flew by too quickly and we are already looking forward to seeing you next year!

Medica 2019-4

Post time: Dec-23-2020