Medical Dry Imagers: A New Generation of Medical Imaging Devices

Medical dry imagers are a new generation of medical imaging devices that use different types of dry films to produce high-quality diagnostic images without the need for chemicals, water, or darkrooms. Medical dry imagers have several advantages over conventional wet film processing, such as:

Environmental friendliness: Medical dry imagers do not use harmful chemicals or generate liquid waste, reducing the environmental impact and disposal costs of medical imaging.

Space and cost efficiency: Medical dry imagers are compact and can be installed in any bright room, saving space and eliminating the need for dedicated darkrooms. Medical dry imagers also have lower maintenance and operating costs than wet film processors, as they do not require replenishment of chemicals or water.

Image quality and versatility: Medical dry imagers can produce high-resolution images with a wide range of contrast and density levels, suitable for various applications such as Orthopedics, CT, MR、DR and CR, etc.

Medical dry imagers are an emerging technology that is expected to revolutionize the medical imaging industry with their environmental, economic, and clinical benefits..

Medical Dry Imagers1
Medical Dry Imagers2

Post time: Oct-31-2023