Groundbreaking ceremony

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new headquarter of Huqiu Imaging

This day marks another important milestone in our 44 years of history. We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the construction project of our new headquarter.

Groundbreaking ceremony1

The style of this architect is inspired by Fujian Tulou, the stunning and insular residential buildings built by members of the Hakka community in the mountainous areas of the southeastern Fujian province toward the end of China's Song dynasty from 960–1279 A.D.

Our Fujian-born chief architect Mr Wu Jingyan turned his childhood playground into a futuristic cutting-edge architecture.

Groundbreaking ceremony2

He kept the harmonious aspects of the original style, took a step forward and combined it with a minimalist approach, making it a perfect balance between Chinese and Western culture. 

Our new headquarter is located in Suzhou Science & Technology Town, neighbor to many well-known research institutions and tech companies. With a total construction area of ​​46418 square meters, the building consists of 4 floors and a basement parking. The centre of the building is hollow, which is the most important aspect of Tulou. The philosophy of Mr Wu’s design is to keep functionality while eschewing unnecessary details. He abandoned the use of the commonly seen external fences, and took a bold step forward to move the garden inside, creating a common area for our employees in the heart of the building. 

Groundbreaking ceremony3
Groundbreaking ceremony4

We had the honor to welcome the chief executive and members of Suzhou New District government to join us at our groundbreaking ceremony.

They have high hopes in Huqiu Imaging, believing in our capabilities to seize the new frontiers of the medical industry.

Huqiu Imaging will take this project as our stepping stone to grasp the opportunities brought by policy and market changes, and continue to contribute to the development of the medical service industry.

Post time: Dec-24-2020